8c+ & 8c

We’re in the last month of our trip and our agendas are slowly filling up with appointments in Belgium, Holland and Germany. Things are coming to an end and somehow that seems alright with me.


But for now we’re in Siurana and slowly – but surely – I have the feeling that I found my style of routes that I like the most. Short, slightly overhanging, bouldery routes that combine finger strength with technical precision.

Siurana has loads of those lines, in fact apart from the sector “El Pati” most routes are like that. Because Siurana has so many little corners and crags, all walls have their own unique atmosphere. At least that’s how I experience it and that’s what I love so much about climbing here.

Routes with a tat of “je ne sais quoi” and that feeling of solving a puzzle.

I’m taking my time for them, enjoying the process of making progress in those routes. Sure, with some more determination some could go down faster than they eventually do, but sometimes the road is more important than the actual destination…


I’ve been bouldering around in all kinds of different routes here; now and then I find one that I really like – so I’ll stick to it then. Two weeks ago I climbed a new 8c from Dani Andrada, called “La Pequeña Mowgli”. Very short, on perfect limestone with only the necessary holds on it. Some small and medium-sized crimps that link a nice series of moves together. This one went down very fast thanks to our power-boosting short trip to Albarracín.

Last Wednesday I climbed “Chocolate caliente”, an 8c+. Although the route is only 15m long, it isn’t actually that bouldery. It’s more of a “keep-it-together-route”. Very enjoyable!


I still have a list of routes that I want to climb here in Siurana and a lot of motivation to go with it, but whatever happens next is okay with me. As long as we can enjoy the last weeks of our trip and enjoy this autumn. Some friends from Austria are here (Es war der Hammer, euch wiederzusehen!) and more friends will be visiting. Our last month will be great! Let’s hope the recent snow melts fast…


Archive pictures Siurana: Thomas Schermer