A new year, some new sponsors!


I’m happy to introduce some new sponsors! For this year I’ve applied for sponsorship with several companies and luckily I’ve made it with all the brands that I would love to represent the most:

La Sportiva

New shoes on my feet!

From now on I’ll be climbing with La Sportiva shoes and go and drink my coffee with some fine Italian sneakers on my feet. I’m really happy to be on the team and feel honoured to be supported by them! Having just received some fresh pairs straight from Italy I can’t wait to try them out on rock soon.


I left my previous sponsor Evolv, for the main reason that some of their shoes got remodelled and didn’t fit me that well anymore. Still, I would like to thank them and CJ Agencies for the good cooperation during the last five years and I wish them all the best!

Monkee Clothing

I’m very excited to announce that from now on I’m a happy member of the Monkee family and will be showing off their clothes!

Monkee supports both Nina and me on our Spain trip (more information soon); so watch out for some sharp dressed climbers! I’m really enthusiastic to be on the team. The energy that goes out from the brand is very motivating. You can check out my presentation on their website, or straight via this link.

New Collection!


Let it snow and let the wind blow! I’ll be warm anyway!

The British brand Rab supports me with their technical clothes, like down-jackets, rain-jackets and other gear. It is great to be representing this brand as they produce only products of exceptional quality.


I’m in my fifth year now with Beal and they keep amazing me with their ropes. The other day I received the new Unicore Joker. The Joker has always been my favourite, being light, thin and stretchy, and now it’s available for the first time as Unicore using Beal’s innovative technology of glueing the core to the mantel. It makes even the thinnest rope more durable.


Although I’ve written about Revolution before, there’s some more to tell!

First of all I’ll be the contact person for the distribution of their holds and gear in Belgium and the Netherlands. From now on you’ll be able to reach me via: micha@revolutionclimbing.eu

Softgoods are upcoming as well! We’ve designed some great shirts, see the pictures, and we’re doing our best to smash crash-pad prototypes!

So keep in mind folks: the best shaped polyurethane holds and crash-pads come from Revolution!

Revolution Tee

Good times, exiting times; great things are bound to happen!