About me

I started climbing at the age of 15. Classic story, a birthday party at the local gym and I was hooked! Despite having entered some competitions, rockclimbing really was my thing and I slowly worked my way through the grades.

I’ve always had a bit of weird relationship with climbing with ups and downs and ups and downs. I still haven’t found my style in routes, I get pumped really fast and most of the time my nerves are killing me. By now I’m trying to switch more and more to short routes or other styles that I fancy on the moment.

At the end of 2010 my girlfriend and I moved to Vienna. Climbing in Austria really opened my eyes. Compared to Belgium, I see endless potential here, and the rock is good. Being surrounded by so many good climbers and excellent routes was like balm on my soul.

So I started bouldering as well, I’ve started opening and bolting routes, I’ve started to climb harder and harder. Eventually I’ve started to find my own way in climbing.

Apart from climbing I also like to read good books; enjoy a cup of coffee; eat pasta and long romantic walks on beaches.


Name: Micha Vanhoudt
Nationality: Belgian
Residence: Vienna (until February 2013)
Year of birth: 1985
Height: 178cm
Weight: 65-68kg
Ape index: +12cm


Favourite areas: many!
Other interests: books, art, music, investigative journalism, useful politics …