Intermezzo! Two weeks ago –before moving on to Rodellar- I flew to Nürnberg to take part in the Monkee photo-shoot. It was good to be away from the crags for at least a couple of days and relax a bit…

Marion, the mastermind behind Monkee, had gathered all of us in the already legendary Café Kraft. Guntram, Johanna and myself represented the team and – to secure future performances – we went out to eat a bucket of ice cream.


The studio-shoot itself the next day was great. Heiko joined us and just by his biceps-size he pays tribute to Güllich and Albert. The house-photographer, Frank Kretschmann, took the pictures and I can’t wait to see the result. The 2014 collection sure looks fly. You might want to reserve some space in your closets!

You can find the making-of from last year below:
Video not available

MONKEE SHOOT 2013 from funst on Vimeo.

Pictures by Hannes Huch.