Since two weeks we’re on Spanish soil, which means that our sabbatical has finally started!

So here’s the sugar:

  • A mobile home,
  • Spain,
  • Ten months,
  • Oh, and a bottle of single malt

We left a wee bit later than planned, but the days were just packed. After all we had a move to manage, and saying goodbye to Vienna definitely took its toll.


The past weeks here in Margalef we haven’t climb much, the weather wasn’t exactly what you would expect from Spain (Rain with capital R), which sure made my head go crackers. But things are bound to change! They just have to.


We also had some troubles with our used mobile home, mainly the gas-installation wasn’t working as it should have worked… in the end, nothing that a bit of duck-tape and some wild hammering couldn’t fix!


At the moment we don’t really have a plan. Like where and when to go, we’ll probably just make it up along the way (seems like the master plan of my life).

On the rest days I’ll try to keep my blog up to date, so stay tuned!

Hasta luego!