As a rock climber I focus mainly on hard redpoint sportclimbing. For my projects I train and throughout the years I have built up a nice collection of hard routes.

Beside those routes below I have climbed an approximate total of 240 routes between 8a and 8b+. My entire collection can be found on the website: www.8a.nu

8c Penumbral Solar Eclipse (D)
8c Odd Fellows (D)
8c Roof Warrior (D)
8c Steinbock (D)
8c Downset (D)
8c Shadowmover 2.0 (B) FA after broken hold
8c New Orleans Heavy Weight Division (D)

8c+ Chocolate caliente (ESP)
8c La pequeña Mowgli (ESP)
8c Florida (ESP)
8c Welcome to Tijuana (ESP)
8c The Mummy (ESP)
8c T1-Full Equip (ESP)

9a Erfolg ist trainierbar reclimbed (AT)
8c/+ Elza (AT) opened & FA
8c Hobby Extra (AT)
8c Leche Caliente (ESP)
8c Ada (AT)
8c Aolshärfen (AT)

9a/8c+ Blut und Honig (AT)
8c+ Hulk Extension (ESP)
8c Malsoñando (ESP)
8c Espacio Tiempo (ESP)
8c Selbst ist das Kind (AT)
8c El Quiebraley (ESP)
8c Jenseits des Lustprinzips (AT)



Lately during wintertime my focus has been shifting towards bouldering. It is a very effective and fun way to get stronger for route climbing. Although bouldering is not my main goal, I have climbed several very hard boulders. The highlights are listed below.

8A Foxy Lady (CH)
8A Unendliche Geschichte 2 (CH)
8A Octopussy (CH)

8B+ Barry White (AT) opened & first ascent
8B/+ Extremely loud & incredibly close (AT)
8A+ Hocus Pocus opened & first ascent (AT)
8A Das Ding Extended (AT)
8A Obszöner Zwerg (AT)

8A+ Mogadishu (AT)
8A Renegades of Funk (AT) opened & first ascent
8A Weekly Pussy dose (AT)
8A Scarabeo (AT)