Training course!

Everybody, there’s a new training course starting on Monday the 26th of May at I-vy climbing gym in Sittard. The emphasis of this practical course will be on gaining some last-minute endurance for the summer.

If you’ve planned a sport climbing holiday and you still want to gain some fitness before you go, then this course might be the right one for you.

For more information, feel free to get in touch with me via the button “contact”.

Note: This is a completely different course to the one that was given earlier this year in boulder gym Graviton. Whilst those classes explained in depth how to train theoretically and practically to reach your potential, this one focuses on how to practically gain that last bit of extra for your route-climbing holiday. However, more master classes like the one that took place in Graviton will be organized later this year. The exact dates and places will follow and are going to be available via the button “training”.